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Why I Endorse Steve Beren for Congress

If you are like me you are tired of hearing Congressmen like Jim McDermott demean our troops with comments that claim our troops are “mercenaries” while allowing illegal aliens to have more rights than American citizens, both natural born and legal immigrants.  These are just some of the reasons this Iraq War Vet and Conservative Blogger supports Steve Beren. 


Steve is not afraid to stand up for Conservative principles such as fiscal responsibility, tax cuts, border security first, the right to life, a true energy policy, and the protection of our second amendment rights.  Steve knows that we can and will win the War against Islamic Radicals and truly supports and believes in our troops. 


This is why I endorse Steve Beren, but Steve needs all of our help to ensure that there is a Conservative on the ballot in November.  If everyone that receives this email would donate to Steve (instead of buying that daily Mocha Latte) it would go a long way to ensuring Steve’s Conservative message makes it onto the ballot in November and that will go a long way to bringing back a voice of dissent against the liberal left in Seattle.  To donate to the Steve Beren for Congress campaign, go to


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