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No money for WH tours, but plenty of money for Obama daughters to vacation at high end resort

Even though there is no money for WH tours and claims that this administration will have to shut down air traffic control towers and furlough meat inspectors their turns out to be plenty of money to send the Obama daughters and their Secret Service contingent to the Atlantis resort.  I ran a quick price check for a family of four going from DC to the resort for a week. using the lowest cost options for the dining plan, airfare, airport transfers and room the trip would cost $6032.75 and that is without any of the extras. The price only goes up from there.

Here is my recommendation to everyone out there who is royally ticked off that our tax dollar are being spent this way while we are being told that we, the average American citizen, can expect longer lines at the airports (if we can even afford to go on vacation) and less safe food. Contact your Representative in the House and demand that they use the power of the purse to cut the tax dollars (your money) used by the President and his family for trips like this, golf outings and the lavish superstar WH parties. After all isn’t it high time the President feel the same pain that he expects all of us to feel? Isn’t it high time he make a “shared sacrifice” that he expects all of us to make? Let’s get our Representatives to act and put this up to an on the record vote.


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