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Surprise! Surprise! Sequestration Cuts Miss D.C. Area Airports

The Washington Times is reporting that the chief of the FAA has testified to Congress that the airports around D.C. will not be hit with the furloughs that are causing delays around the rest of the nation. So us average peons will deal with delays, causing us to miss connecting flights are elected officials will be whisked out of D.C. with minimal delays.

With any luck they will be hit with the delays on the way back. Not only will this help them to actually see the pain the average American has to deal with, it will keep them from voting on more garbage (like the Gang of Ocho’s amnesty package).

Of course this is all part of dear leaders plans to make us all feel the pain of the evil sequestration (cue creepy music). But, after a summer of the public dealing with delays and screwed up vacations we will be “blessed” by the seeing images of dear leader and his entourage departing Air Force one to begin his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Some how I don’t think those “optics” will play well with the voters.


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