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Obama Campaign Trying to use the FCC to Silence Critics

Michelle Malkin has done an excellent job tracking the Obama Campaign’s attempt to throw the first amendment under the bus.


First the Obama Campaign tried to use the Justice department, then they tried to use a sheriff and a few pro-Obama prosecutors in Missouri, then they tried to stop signs and banners at a rally (held in a public place) in Virginia and now they are trying to use the FCC.

If Obama is willing to try and stop free speech during his candidacywhat will he due if elected?

Not to mention the lack of the so called Main Stream Media’s attention to the matter.  You would think that the news media would be wary of such tactics as it could lead to them being silenced next.


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Sen. Feinstein Gives Obama Some Advice is reporting that Sen. Feinstein believes that Obama should be focusing on Gov. Palin’s readiness to be President if something were to happen to Sen. McCain.

This is hilarious considering that lack of “readiness” (I guess that is the new Liberal talking points phrase for experience) Sen. Obama himself has.  Here is just a tidbit of the article:

“I’d be very concerned about (Palin’s) readiness. I mean, what would she do about the situation between Russia and Georgia? What would she do about the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement? …The world is a place of great conflict,” Feinstein said.

This is hillarous for two reasons.  First, when it comes to the Georgia/Russia situation I would have to think Sen. Obama would not want to revist that debacle of his.  If you recall Sen. Obama felt that,

 “We should continue to push for a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for an immediate end to the violence.” 

 This shows his lack of understanding of the UN Security Council.  The Russians have a veto on the UN Security Council that they would have used to block any action against them.  The second reason this is too funny is Sen Feinstein bringing up the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement.  It is funny, because Sen. Obama himself does not seem to know where he stands on a key sticking point which is the control of Jerusalem that both parties lay claim over.  At an AIPAC speech, Sen Obama told the crowd that,

“Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”

Yet the very next day he had the following to say on CNN,

“Well, obviously, it’s going to be up to the parties to negotiate a range of these issues. And Jerusalem will be part of those negotiations,” Obama said when asked whether Palestinians had no future claim to the city.

It appears that not only is the World a place of great conflict Sen Feinstein, but also Obama’s positions.

Sen Feinstein continues down this road by saying,

Feinstein added, “The focus should be on her readiness, what she knows, and how she would perform … Policy isn’t in sound bites. It’s in sound ideas. She needs to be tested.”

Well Sen Feinstein, Sen Obama has been tested in this way and he has failed miserably so far.  Perhaps that is why the latest Gallup Poll shows the following results:

September 11, 2008

Gallup Daily: McCain 48%, Obama 44%


Just a thought, but perhaps all this attention on Gov Palin’s “readiness” has lead Americans to see that Gov. Palin is far more ready to lead than Sen Obama, hence the shift in the polls to favor a Palin/McCa…I mean McCain/Palin ticket.

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Did Obama Plagiarize? is reporting that there is more to the “pig with lipstick” speech (9 Sep 08) than meets the eye.  Apparently, the lead up to the remark bares a striking resemblance to a political cartoon from the 5th of September.  Here are both the transcripts from the speech and the political cartoon:


John McCain says he’s about change too. Exce- and and so I guess his whole angle is – watch out, George Bush – except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl-Rove-style politics, we’re really gonna shake things up in Washington.

That’s not change.

That’s that’s just callin’ sumpin’ the same thing somethin’ different.

But you know, you can’t, you know, you you can put, ah, lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.


And now for the cartoon…

You can see for yourself that the entire segment before his “pig” quip matches the Toles cartoon exactly.

I would have to say this does look a lot like a case of plagarism to me.


UPDATE: Obama has finally given credit to cartoonist.

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Liberal Media Let’s Slip What They Think The Election Is Really About

I was going through different sites today to get the convention coverage and came upon this great post over at  It showcases howthe Liberal media (in Particular Olberman, Matthews and Brokaw) is going into defense mode over Republicans pointing out the media bias. 

Well during the discussion Chris Matthews lets this slip:

The major press has a job to do, it’s to dig up stuff on people who would rule this country. We have to do it. The best reporters are the toughest at it. This is what we have.

Matthews  points out that he, and apparently he cohorts seeing they did not correct him, feel that elections are about who will rule the country.  Once again the liberal media points out it’s elitist mentality and I bet they don’t even realize it.

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