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Senate Dem’s block ammendment to end food stamp promotion in Mexico

Today the Senate Democrats voted against an amendment that would stop the USDA from advertising US food stamp programs in Mexico (h/t Daily Caller):

During the Senate budget committee’s Thursday markup of the Senate budget resolution, Democrats prevented an effort to block funds for the Agriculture Department’s “partnership” with the Mexican government, which is aimed at promoting nutrition assistance programs among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

In a party-line 12 to 10 vote, the Democrats on the committee rejected a proposal to prevent funding for such endeavors from ranking member Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, who has spoken out against the program in recent months.

“Contrary to sound policy, the United States is spending money advertising food stamp benefits in foreign consulates,” Session’s staff said in a Thursday evening press release. “This amendment would prohibit any funds from being spent on this controversial promotion campaign.”

I guess we see that promoting the welfare state at all costs is more important than actually cutting the budget. We could even go as far as pull a play from the Dem handbook and point out that they are choosing to advertise in Mexico over allowing school kids to tour the White House.


March 15, 2013 - Posted by | Congress

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