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Another Congressional Plan That Will Help Kill The Economy

I was listening to AFN radio yesterday when they annoucned that Congress plans on trying to give more authority to the FDA to regulate Tobacco.  the idea is that by regulating tobacco the FDA would be able to eliminate harmful products that people use ona day to day basis.

I see a multitude of problems that will stem from this kind of legislation other than the obvious “nanny state” mentality it brings.

The propsed plan would include a ban on menthal and cnady flavored cigars (i.e swisher sweets).  Both of these products are very popular amongst people from all walks of life.  By banning these two products I forsee at least three major issues.

First, by banning these products that sell quite well you will ultimately end up eliminating (not creating) a huge job market in the manufacturing sector.  Now these products wills till be able to be sold worldwide.  This could lead to the manufacturing plants being moved overseas which would also reduce the jobs manufactionring non-menthal cigarettes also.

Second, banning these products could very well lead to organized crime like the nation saw during the prohibition of alchol.

Thirdly, where is the lost tobacco tax revenue going to be made up?

I am a former smoker and I choose to quit on my own for reasons that were my own.  I do not need the government telling me what I can and can not do.  If we allow the government to start telling us how to live our lives where will it stop?  Will they come for our guns next under the guise that guns are too dangerous for the average citizen to carry, will they force us to eat a set government controlled diet to battle the obiseity problem in the US?  Once we allow the government to start to take control of our lives they will not be happen till they have complete control over our lives and this is precisely what our founding fathers fought valiantly to stop.


March 4, 2009 - Posted by | Congress

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  1. Just stumbled across this website from a link provided by a user from Malkins site. Pretty good stuff. With the every growing opposition to the president, we must all stand up and fight for our freedoms and liberties. This blow hard Obama is nothing but a spineless chump along with every member of his administration. They are nothing but crooks and hypocrites. Every last one of them! Please get the word out about the tea party’s that are coming to a major city near you. Any help is appreciated SGT. Hooah!

    Comment by Brian | March 5, 2009

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