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Live Blogging Obama’s Speech to US Mayors

Obama is about to give a speech to the US Mayors (the ones who’s hands are out wanting our tax money).  Updates to follow.

UPDATE:  Obama starts out by comparing his community organizing days to being a mayor.  Obama mentions his executive order he signed last night for the office of urban affairs (basically it sounds like an new office to make sure that sities follow what Obama wants not what the city may want).

Update:   Obama claims that the spendulous bill will create/save 3 million jobs, gives “progressive” tax breaks and claims that it rewards hard working Americans (ha ha ha).

Update:  Obama talks about more mass transit, broadband for everyone, more money for education (how is this going to truly stimulate the economy).

Basically it sounds like Obama is talking more about government intrusion in our lives.  I think the comment that marks this the most is Obama stating that America will no longer move forward despite the government; instead they will move forward with a helping hand from government.  Talk about scarry.


February 20, 2009 - Posted by | Economy

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