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Yet Another Unintended Consequence Moment

I saw an article today in USA Today (Lead law throttles youth powersports by William M. Welch print edition 17 Feb 09) about a law passed by Congress this past summer (check this link for background info) that went into effect on the 10th of Feb and the unintended consequences it is having on one industry that was actually thriving even with the state of the economy.

Here is what the story says about the law:

“Passed by Congress after a serious of reports concerning toys made in China with lead, the law bans sale of products aimed at children if they contain more than 600 parts per million of lead…”

According to the article,

 “…lead is found in steel and other metal alloys in the frame, motor and multiple parts”

So this means that becasue of the lead in the motorcycle parts on off-road bikes and quads the models designed for small children can no longer be sold to them, nor can the repair parts be sold for those models.  What kind of an impact does this have?  Well for starters, the off road youth industry is a,

“$14.5 billion a year industry including sales, service, parts, accessories and payroll.”

So far, the off road industry has seen a 20% dip in sales due to having to pull the smaller models off the floor and those were the models that sold the best.  The article notes that there is an estimated value of $100 million in inventory that can no longer be sold in the US.  Not to mention the fact that now that the smaller models can not be sold the fear is that kids will try riding the adult size models which are heavier and harder for a child to handle and end up getting hurt.  Which in this day of lawsuits you could just see a parent, who bought the adult size model for little Johnny, suing the manufacturer cause Johnny broke his leg when the bike fell on him.

I think Zack Bartell (age 12) sums it up best when he says,

“Are you kidding?  This is silly.  There’s no way I’m going to stick a motorcycle part in my mouth.”

And Pelosi, Reid and Obama want us to trust them to “fix” the economy…….


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