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The difference between lawyers in India and lawyers in the US….They get it

I saw this article on  It talks about the increased security measures and so on, but what really caught my eye was this:


Kasab, who was wounded and captured by police in the first hours of the Nov. 26 attack, has been repeatedly interrogated by authorities and reportedly offered key details about the planning of the assault and those responsible for it.

Many lawyers across the city, horrified by the attacks, have said they would not represent Kasab. On Thursday, Dinesh Mota, a lawyer asked by the court to defend Kasab, said he would refuse.

“I will not represent him, it is against all human values,” he said.

Here you have lawyers in India who actually get what terrorism is about, while in the US you have the ACLU and other ambulance chasers rushing to defend the GITMO detainees for reasons as petty as political posturing and fame.


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