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A Story From Iraq

I received an email from a friend and co-worker who is stationed at one of the smaller outlying FOB’s (Forward Operating Base)in the North about something that happened out there that is, in my opinion, newsworthy.

Some local Iraqi’s shot a boar in town.  Now normally when a boar is shot the carcass is just discarded as rubbish due to religious belief about pork products.  Sometimes these carcasses end up the hiding spot for IED’s.  Neither of these things happened this time.  Instead, the Iraqi’s gave the boar to the soldiers at this FOB for them to roast.  This is a huge gesture in part by the Iraq’s to the US Military.  The Iraq’s did not have to do this at all, but wanted to as they heard that our troops at this outlying FOB do not have the greatest of food available to them.  They do not have a contracted chow hall like the bigger bases in Iraq do, so they don’t have nearly the selection or the preparation facilities that you see at the larger basses (baked beans are a staple out there from what I am told).  Another thing that this story shows is the spirit of giving.  The local Iraqi’s had no reason to give this boar to these soldiers, but saw that they could use it and gave it to them as a kind gesture and to say thank you for staying and giving them (the Iraq’s) a chance for a future. 

Now if that is not an inspiring Christmas Story I don’t know what is.


December 8, 2008 - Posted by | Iraq

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