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Philly Inquirer Opinion Piece: White People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote

The Philadelphia Inquirer has printed this opinion piece in it’s Sunday Oct 26th edition (h/t


White people shouldn’t be allowed to vote


It’s for the good of the country and for those who’re bitter for a reason and armed because they’re scared.


Jonathan Valania


is editor in chief of the blog


As a lifelong Caucasian, I am beginning to think the time has finally come to take the right to vote away from white people, at least until we come to our senses. Seriously, I just don’t think we can be trusted to exercise it responsibly anymore.


I give you Exhibit A: The last eight years.


In 2000, Bush-Cheney stole the election, got us attacked, and then got us into two no-exit wars. Four years later, white people reelected them. Is not the repetition of the same behavior over and over again with the expectation of a different outcome the very definition of insanity? (It is, I looked it up.)


Exhibit B is any given Sarah Palin rally.


Exhibit C would be Ed Rendell and John Murtha, who in separate moments of on-the-record candor they would come to regret, pointing out that there are plenty of people in Pennsylvania who just cannot bring themselves to pull the lever for a black man – no matter what they tell pollsters.


These people are ruining things for the rest of us white people who are ready to move on. Sure, they have their reasons, chimerical though they may be: He’s a Muslim. He’s a terrorist. He’s a Muslim terrorist. He’s going to fire all the white people and give their jobs to blacks.


But those are just the little white lies these people allow themselves to be told, a self-induced cognitive dissonance that lets them avoid saying the unsayable: I cannot pull the lever for a black man.

Hey, some people just aren’t ready yet, even the governor said so. Just like some people aren’t ready yet for computers or setting the clock on the VCR.


Or, to hear Murtha tell it, some people – specifically some people in Western Pennsylvania – will never be ready. But the fact is, if you did a statewide head count of racists, you’d find just as many in eastern Pennsylvania as you would in the western part of the state.


That’s why this ban on white people voting I’m proposing has got to be statewide. And I’m sorry to say, it’s going to have to include all white people, even those who would vote for Obama, because you can’t just let some white people vote. That would be unfair.


By this point, you either think I am joking or are calling me an elitist. I assure you I am neither. OK, maybe a little of both. But it wasn’t always like this. I come from the Coal Belt, from that Alabamian hinterland between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, as per James Carville’s famous formulation.


I am, in fact, just two generations out of the coal mines that blackened the lungs of my grandfather, leaving him disabled, despondent and, finally, dead at the ripe old age of 54.


So, understand that I am saying all this for the good of the country and, in fact, for the good of those hard-working white people that Hillary used to pander to.


I know those people, I come from them. They are not some shameful abstract demographic to be brushed under the rug of euphemism by Wolf Blitzer and his ilk.


I have broken kielbasa with those people. I went to school with their children. I have gone to Sunday Mass with a deer-hunter hangover with those people. They are bitter with good reason, and they are armed because they are scared. They mean well, but they are easily spooked.


I fear for what is to become of them after the campaigns leave town for the last time, and Scranton and Allentown and Carlisle go back to being the long dark chicken dance of the national soul they were before the media showed up.









Yet the Left is always trying to claim it is Conservatives who foster racist tendicies and want to keep the racial divide in America alive.


Here is the contact information for both the Philadelphia Inquirer and for the author.



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  1. What a racist piece of crap. This is so typical of the kind of thing the Obama cultists are doing everywhere – “if you don’t agree with me and vote Obama, you’re a racist!”
    I don’t give a flying f*** what color someone is, it is what they are about that effects my vote. Obama is a socialist verging on soft Marxist. He will put an end to this country that we will NEVER recover from. I don’t like McCain much and would not normally vote for him, but Obama has to be stopped, and I am voting McCain to do my part in defending the United States and the Constitution of The People. Obama has said in his own words that he wants to do away with the Constitution. Go look it up, because you wont read it in the MSM – they’re totally in Obama’s pocket.

    I put forward that anyone voting for Obama because he’s a black man is RACIST.

    Comment by Jimmy | October 27, 2008

  2. This “reporter” should be fired for his racist attitude. If this was written about blacks he wouldn’t have a job now. Racism is not black or white it applies across the board. I agree with Jimmy. You are an idiot. Obama is a communist and his prior statements prove that. He would dismantle the things that make this country great, and you would help him. You are a fool. Those who have guns may need them to defend their lives and posessions from those who have not earned them,including the government.

    Comment by Gus | October 27, 2008

  3. …pointing out that there are plenty of people in Pennsylvania who just cannot bring themselves to pull the lever for a black man – no matter what they tell pollsters…

    Uh…not quite, you racist pig. Conservative voters in western PA voted overwhelminly for Lynn Swann, an african-american. It was the liberal racist whites in Philly that wouldn’t vote for Mr. Swann. So how about we just take the vote away from liberal whites, since it’s always been the liberals that are the most racist.

    Comment by JohnHolliday | October 27, 2008

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