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Did Obama Plagiarize? is reporting that there is more to the “pig with lipstick” speech (9 Sep 08) than meets the eye.  Apparently, the lead up to the remark bares a striking resemblance to a political cartoon from the 5th of September.  Here are both the transcripts from the speech and the political cartoon:


John McCain says he’s about change too. Exce- and and so I guess his whole angle is – watch out, George Bush – except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl-Rove-style politics, we’re really gonna shake things up in Washington.

That’s not change.

That’s that’s just callin’ sumpin’ the same thing somethin’ different.

But you know, you can’t, you know, you you can put, ah, lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.


And now for the cartoon…

You can see for yourself that the entire segment before his “pig” quip matches the Toles cartoon exactly.

I would have to say this does look a lot like a case of plagarism to me.


UPDATE: Obama has finally given credit to cartoonist.


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