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Liberal Media Let’s Slip What They Think The Election Is Really About

I was going through different sites today to get the convention coverage and came upon this great post over at  It showcases howthe Liberal media (in Particular Olberman, Matthews and Brokaw) is going into defense mode over Republicans pointing out the media bias. 

Well during the discussion Chris Matthews lets this slip:

The major press has a job to do, it’s to dig up stuff on people who would rule this country. We have to do it. The best reporters are the toughest at it. This is what we have.

Matthews  points out that he, and apparently he cohorts seeing they did not correct him, feel that elections are about who will rule the country.  Once again the liberal media points out it’s elitist mentality and I bet they don’t even realize it.


September 4, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Yeah, whatever!
    Blame it on the press.

    Actually I like all four presidential contenders.

    McCain is a maverick.
    Palin is inexperienced, but a quick study, and nobody’s fool.

    Obama is dedicated to helping Americans on the home front.
    Biden has a long history of experience with foreign affairs.

    What it comes down to for me is:
    THE DRAIN in Iraq, and which want to continue the war effort,
    no end, no horizon in sight.

    For that crucial issue, the Obama team wins hands down.
    My humble opinion.
    Sorry, Sarah!

    Comment by christianliberal | September 4, 2008

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