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US House Democrats Preparing for Election Year Hearings

I am sure this is no surprise to anyone out there, but the US House Democrats (to include all of the Democrats from Washington State) have passed Kucinich’s Resolution (HR1345). 

This vote is to refer an article of impeachment resolutionto the House Judiciary Committee, but the Democrat House leadership has already stated in no way will they actually pursue impeachment of the President.  Instead; they have decide to hold an election year review where they will trot out witness, experts, moonbats and anyone else who has a bone to pick with the President during these so called hearings.  They may even televise it on C-SPAN.

At a minimum this is a waste of both time and money and worst it could be called an abuse of the party in power in Congress.  This stunt is nothing more than political posturing prior to a Presidential election. especially when we have much more pressing matters such as high fuel prices driving up costs on all goods and services which is a direct result from the lack of a viable energy plan.  Perhaps the Democrats are hoping that this side show event will deflect the public’s attention away from the lack of energy planning the Democrats have produced and at the same time pander to the B.D.S. suffers that they are counting on to vote for Obama in November.

I urge everyone to contact their Representatives and let them know how displeased they are with this waste of taxpayer money.  I have already contacted my Representative Brian Baird and let him know that this kind of political stunt is not what he was elected to do as our Representative.  I also feel that the more we can get the word out about these ridiculous upcoming hearings and how the time would be better spent working on a viable solution to on energy issues, which would seriously help the economy and keep the unemployment rates from skyrocketing (can anyone say economics) the more voters will realize what this spectacle is really about.


July 19, 2008 - Posted by | Congress

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