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Gregoire’s Campaign Based On Hypocrisy

I just thought I would share this letter to the editor that I wrote (and suprisingly enough the Olympian printed)

Gregoire’s campaign based on hypocrisy

Recently in a news conference, Gov. Chris Gregoire had the following to say: “We have hit rock bottom in this campaign, and it is only June.” She went on to say, “I call on my Republican opponent Dino Rossi to denounce the BIAW and these ads and instead run a campaign focused on good policy and the issues.”

Well, a week later Gov. Gregoire launched her own attack ad against Dino Rossi.

It would appear to me that Gov. Gregoire is being a bit hypocritical if she can launch an attack ad a week after she demands that Dino Rossi denounce the BIAW attack ad against her.

Yet; that is not the only story I see here.

Gov. Gregoire stated that she wants both parties to run on “a campaign focused on good policy and issues.” Here are my questions to Gov. Gregoire: How is it good policy to accept money from tribal gambling to pay for the 2004 recounts and then reach a gambling compact that eliminates any type of revenue sharing?

How is it good policy to receive third-party PAC help from a PAC (Evergreen Progress PAC) in which one of the biggest contributing members (who donated $545,000 from SEIU) you are currently negotiating pay and benefits contracts?

It appears to me that to Gov. Gregoire, conflicts of interest and hypocrisy are going to be part of her quid pro quo campaign.

Matthew Fritch, Yelm (currently in Iraq)


July 17, 2008 - Posted by | Election 2008

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