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Democrats 7-10 Year Argument Against Drilling

Recently the Democrats in Congress have made the claim that we can not drill for oil in our own country whether it offshore, the continental shelf or in ANWAR, as it would take 7-10 years to see any relief at the pump.


Well this argument could be made against alternative fuels too.  How long will it take to develop and bring online a new fuel source?  Could it take 7-10 years to do this? 


With the Democrats making the 7-10 year argument they have basically said that we need to stick to the status quo of purchasing our oil from foreign governments and that we should not develop any new fuel sources or oil fields as it will not bring immediate relief to the pump.


Even if we did decide as a nation that we would only develop alternative fuel sources it would not alleviate our costs as the Democrats claim it will.  For example, let’s say that we take and build nothing but alternative fueled cars in the near future.  How many average Americans are out there that can afford to spend the $20,000 – $30,000 for a new car that runs on this new fuel.  My guess is not many.


This is why we need to take and combine both drilling for oil in our own country and to continue to develop alternative fuel sources.  This has a win win situation as we would reduce our dependency on foreign oil and we would introduce healthy competition into the market that would not only reduce the price of both traditional and alternative fuel cars, but in the long run we would see lower fuel costs.  By reducing the fuel costs this way we will also see a reduction in prices for goods and services across the board as the fuel costs for businesses will also be reduced.


By drilling and developing we could see our Country’s economy flourish as consumers will have more money to spend and we will no longer be held hostage by the likes of OPEC.  Of course this could take 7-10 years, but if we do not start now we will never get there.


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