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My Take on Obama’s “Change” Mantra

Last night I was thinking what is really meant by Obama’s “change” mantra he continues to repeat.


Sure we have all heard how he is going to take the country in a new direction if elected and all the other things that you hear every election cycle from just about every politician out there (to include McCain); yet rarely see happen once the person is elected (just look at the Democrat Congress during the 2006 election claiming they would end the war in Iraq if elected).  Some people say that the change is in his policies and his position on the issues…..Yeah right he will still be a politician come January 21st.


Well here is my take on Obama’s “change” mantra.  I believe that we will see a “change” if Obama is elected come Jan 21st (a day after his inauguration).  This change is much simpler than most people think it is.  What I see as the “change” Obama keeps talking about is a “change” in the main stream media’s (MSM) treatment of the Presidency and how the country is doing as a whole if Obama is elected.


I would not be surprised at all if Obama is sworn in on the 20th of January that on the 21st of January we will see in the news that the economy has improved, that Congress is looking into drilling for oil in ANWAR and lifting the moratorium on off shore drilling, that we are now safer than before 9/11, that Iraq is becoming stable and that the rivers are all running with chocolate while the children run and play under blue skies with beautiful rainbows.


This is what I expect to be the “change” that Obama is talking about; yet the realities will be, for the most part, business as usual…..the MSM will continue to mislead the public about what is really going on for political gain.  All one has to do is turn on any news report on any of the MSM channels to see the blatant bias going on.  To hear any of the MSM talking heads you would think that Obama was the second coming of Christ.  No matter whom Obama associates with the MSM only goes gaga over the Obamessiah.  They are in full see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil mode and will continue to do so.  About the only way one can hear about the associations that Obama has had over his lifetime and career as a politician is through the blogosphere (doing the job the MSM refuses to do).  Take for example the way the press has lambasted McCain for having people on his campaign that have ties to lobbyists.  Now compare that to the lack of any substantive stories about Obama’s Middle East advisor who quit due to him having talks with Hammas (a known terrorist group).  I do not know about you, but someone having ties to a terrorist group is far worse than someone having ties to lobbyists (let’s face it I have yet to see a politician out there that can’t be tied to a lobbyist somehow). 


If you followed the links to the two stories, both from the Washington Post, you will see how the Obama story is downplayed, but the McCain story is made out to be big news.  This is just the pre-game warm up compared to what we will see in the MSM in the coming months and what we are in store for if Obama is elected in November.



June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Presidential Election

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