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Welcome to Rantings by the Truesoldier

Some of you may know me, but many of you may not.  I am a former US Army Soldier that was medically discharged in 2006.  I did serve in Iraq from Jan 04 to Jan 05, but no I did not receive any combat injuries. 

Since being discharged, I have been fairly active in politics and I must say the one thing that I have seen more often then not is how politically correct everything has become.  That is what lead me to creating this blog.

My goal is to get ideas out there to people in hopes that the masses start talking about them in such a way that they pick up steam and the politicians will finally hear our cry for true representation and not just lip service and feel good notions.

I will tell you right now I am fairly conservative and I am sure that some of my ideas will tick you off, but I will use my freedom of speech to get these ideas out there.  I am not one to go back through and moderate or edit others posts as they have their right to free speech too.  I only ask that you try to keep it clean, respectful and constructive.

I also will say that my posts and my posts alone are the ideas and statements I represent.  Any comment that is not mine is the view of that individual.

With that said let the rantings begin……


June 1, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Roll on, soldier!!

    Comment by swatter | June 2, 2008

  2. Hurray for another conservative! Political Correctness has certainly gone haywire. The recent Supreme Court decision to give rights to terrorists is politicaly stupid and will only benefit lawyers who want to make a name for themselves and line there pockets with Iran money. I hope several of the liberal Judges will quickly retire and MCain can get some more conservatives in that court.

    Comment by Greg Fredericksen | June 13, 2008

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