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A common Sense Approach To End Illegal Immigration

Last night I was talking with some of the guys I work with. We were talking about the problems of illegal immigration, the costs involved and just the overall lack of any real enforcement on the books. After that I sat down and came up with the following plan that I feel will help put an end to illegal immigration:

My 4 step plan to eliminate Illegal Immigration:

1) Cut off social services to illegals. They can still get truly emergency medical care, but if they can not provide proof of citizenship then make it mandatory that ICE is called.

2) Prosecute companies that knowingly hire illegals up to and including incarceration and loss of business license.

3) Prosecute Illegal Immigrants who use stolen identities to obtain employment and/or benefits

4) Bill the foreign nation where the illegal alien came from for the costs of the incarceration, medical expenses and deportation cost. To collect on the bill, reduce the foreign aid to that country by the amount of the bill.
If we do these four things there will not be any illegal immigration problem.


June 1, 2008 - Posted by | immigration


  1. While the other 3 have been generally discussed for some time, I really like your #4.

    SIDEBAR: I would add as #5 that we still need to build a good fence along much if not most of the border; not just for ”everyday illegals”, but to help make it harder for the real bad guys.

    Comment by Methow Ken | June 3, 2008

  2. I appreciate your insights here. I personally like the idea of your #3. The number four is also a good desplay (if used) of America using common sense.

    Comment by Blackjade | June 5, 2008

  3. I agree with you. Too bad the people you’re voting for aren’t going to listen to you. Because illegals make them money. And that what matters. They say they are acting in the name of freedom and America, but that’s just BS to trick you GOP retards, and you fall for it everytime. All the other rants you have here just play into their hands. You rant about the ‘change’ mantra, as if change is impossible. It can certianly seem that way when we have people like you, who are consistently lied to and gladly embrace those lies, saying everyone in DC is the same. Obama might be the only real chance at change that we’ve seen in decades.

    Comment by Alan | June 13, 2008

  4. Thank you all for your comment.

    To Alan, I think it is rather funny that you mention GOP tricks and all; yet you go and list your eamil address as being even though you are obviously a liberal trying to “trick” us into believing you are not. I really love how you try to use an old tactic from the liberal play book by starting out saying I agree with you and then launch into a tirade about how I am being tricked by those I would vote for. I hate to tell you this bud, but I happen to be a vry good friend of Steve Beren (who I readily endorse on my site) and I can tell you he is 100% for border enforcement first. You can’t say that about your good ol’ D’oh Bama as he has stated and I quote, “Barack Obama supports a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, not violate the law, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.” and that is from Obama’s own website, so nice try Alan, but please come with facts next time you decide to play.

    Comment by truesoldier96 | June 14, 2008

  5. We must stop the illegal immigrant from crossing our borders, receiving health care, education and all the benefits that citizens receive. It’s going to take a lot of work especially in those states along the southwest border of the U.S., such as Texas, where there are many who sympathize with the plight of the Mexican imigrant who wants to better his life and that of his family in Mexico. These are two different things. This imigrant can cross legally! I’m speaking of the one who is illegal. I say build the fence, and increase the number of border patrol agents now on the force.

    Comment by Bobbie | August 10, 2008

  6. If your ideas make so much `common sense,` then why don`t you want migration restrictions within the U.S. for yourself? Also, since to the Indians, you are an illegal immigrant, why don’t you act like you are guilty of a terrible crime? That’s why I think you only want immigration restricted for xenophobia, and I think your ideas are costing the world $ trillions/year is lost productivity due to you forcing labor to be sold at below world market rates.

    Your position is mean and arrogant. The illegals only want to make a better living for their families and reach their potential, which is noble.

    Sorry for not being politically correct.

    Anyways, my blog above answers all the issues about illegal immigration.

    Comment by cptcanuck2 | September 4, 2008

  7. “That’s why I think you only want immigration restricted for xenophobia”

    -Really? So now because an American wants a stop to ILLEGAL immigration (not legal migration) he is xenophobic? How about there is a law of the land stating being in this country illegally is AGAINST the law.

    ” … I think your ideas are costing the world $ trillions/year is lost productivity due to you forcing labor to be sold at below world market rates”

    -True. In the short run cheap labor (unskilled immigrant workers) will create worldwide economic efficiency because that cheap labor will move to a country (The US) where they can make larger contributions to world production. They can make larger contributions in the US (as opposed to staying in their home country) because in the home country machinery,equipment are scarce and technology is less sophisticated, which means that labor demand is weak. Yes US businesses benefit from immigration…

    ….BUT, you forget the other side of the equation. Let’s use the US and Mexico for example. The simplified perfect model of increase world production mentioned above omits relevant factors regarding cost v benefits of migration.

    In the perfect model you assume that there is no cost to migration, but there are many costs, both explicit and implicit to the sending and receiving countries. In the perfect model you assume that migration stops once demand for labor is achieved, BUT IT DOESN’T. Immigrants keep on coming to this country legal and illegal even though there are no jobs to fill. And since the majority of illegal immigrants are unskilled (relative to the American workforce), once all the unskilled jobs are filled there becomes a surplus of (UNSKILLED) labor.
    Keeping the surplus in mind, we now assume that there is full employment in Mexico and also in the US. We assumed that they left a low paying job for a high paying job. The truth is that they didn’t leave a low paying job in Mexico, they left chronic unemployment or underemployment. When labor leaves Mexico, that is actually a gain for Mexico because the unemployed (who are contributing ZERO to the economy) are not using the scarce resources being produced by the employed. Meanwhile in the US….

    …there is a surplus of unskilled labor! This is how uncontrolled illegal immigration brings down the average level of real wages. Migration unskilled/low skilled labor is competing with native unskilled/low skilled labor.And guess who is sustaining the surplus (unemployed) labor (who, keep in mind, are still contributing ZERO to an economy)?…yep, the employed US workers. The after tax-income of working Americans now declines.You know that pesky saying, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. Someone has to pay.

    Consider the profile of a typical pre-1970’s immigrant to the country. Young, single, men with significant education and job training. Which means they were ready to be significant net contributors to output. They also avoided the welfare system because they would go back to their country when they earned some predetermined amount or there was no longer employment.

    But since then the trend has reversed. Immigrants are not returning home compared to the rate at which they are coming in to the US. It has been proven that the immigrant population use the welfare system proportionately more than natives, not because they are lazy, but because there is a surplus of unskilled workers, and since the resource is there, who wouldn’t use it? Beats going back to the home country and being unemployed.(Ask someone who is from another country what kind of help their native government gives them in terms of the welfare system!) This was the case until 1996 when the Personal Responsibility Act, which overhauled the welfare system regarding new LEGAL immigrants and welfare benefits. But because of uncontrolled ILLEGAL immigration there is uncontrolled welfare benefits being distributed unaccounted for with counterbalancing inputs into the system. Why do you think California is broke? On paper, the numbers don’t balance out and the state is and will be in the red until it admits that it can no longer absorb illegals in the country at the rate that they are entering.

    This is not even considering remittances and backflows to the native country. The World Bank estimates that money sent back to Mexico is about 18 BILLION a year from other countries. The bulk of it originating in the US. This is money not being pumped into the US economy.

    Also not considering social and cultural negative externalities seen when immigrants are new to a society. ie; the drunk-driving laws in the US compared to the almost non-existent ones in other countries, 5 or more children to the majority of families (all while trying to work a low paying job), the increased incidents of domestic violence in the home.

    At the end of the day, Americans have to ask themselves: Are the benefits of immigration greater than the cost? Keeping in mind that not all immigrants are created equal. The impact that a highly educated scientist (Einstein) is different than that of low skilled laborer with the potential to be a long term welfare recipient.

    Everything else equals, immigration reduces wages, increases domestic output, and increases income (in the short run) in the receiving nation; but has the opposite effects in the sending nation.

    “Your position is mean and arrogant”<—–
    (pick up an economics book and study the facts before you bleed you heart out, sheez!!! Basic macroeconomics for crying out loud.)

    On a personal note, as a Mexican ex-pat myself, It saddens me that my native country will forever suffer due to the uncontrolled illegal immigration permitted in the US. It will never “reach it’s potential” (as you so eloquently put it).

    Comment by SDJoe | March 6, 2009

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